God Created All Things, Day 17

Today’s reading is drawn from Colossians 1:16.

What a phenomenal list! Things in heaven and earth. Seen and unseen. Powers, lords, rulers, and authorities. No thing, place, or person omitted. The scale on the sea urchin. The hair on the elephant hide. The hurricane that wrecks the coast, the rain that nourishes the desert, the infant’s first heartbeat, the elderly person’s final breath—all can be traced back to the hand of Christ, the firstborn of creation.

Firstborn in Paul’s vernacular has nothing to do with birth order. Firstborn refers to order of rank. “He ranks higher than everything that has been made” (Colossians 1:15). Find an exception. Peter’s mother-in-law has a fever; Jesus rebukes it. A tax needs to be paid; Jesus pays it by sending first a coin and then a fisherman’s hook into the mouth of a fish. Jesus . . . bats an eyelash, and nature jumps.

from Next Door Savior

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