Part 1 & 2

One day as I was in Italy on a vacation mom went for a simple test that had nothing to do with her lungs and, the DR. told us that she had something in her right lung and needed to have a biopsy.

I was not a Christian at that time and already 42 years old still Stripping in clubs.

My father became a man that became obsessed with good reasons searching for a way to keep her alive, a DR. someone to give him, us, hope. Italy has a Social health care and after tests, they told us she had 3 to 6 months to live. NO WAY. We did not know then but God was in Control already and was calling us to realize it. After a month or so of researchers, dad found a friend that was the administrator of one of the top 3 cancer Private Hospital in Europe.Now we needed a Miracle. Let’s go back a minute to that day, one of those of tears and desperation. I found myself in such pain that I cried out to the Lord. Father, please, if you save her life I will change my lifestyle Dad’  friend that loved my mom and knew them in the years when they were having a good time with my father’s Jazz Band.Well,

Dad receives a call to go to the hospital where nobody knew that wasGod, my parent’s friend found a way for my mom to have permission to be admitted to the hospital. Glory to God, the best hospital in Italy located in Milan. Mom was only 69 years old then and quit smoking, the day before she was told she had Cancer, She was now in the hands of the second best Surgeon in the best Hospital. Why we could not see the hand of God then, I do not know.

As God was working in the background, the DR. I remember his name. DR. Spaggiari,

gave a look to my father and I and told us clearly that it would be just about a miracle to save my mamma but, he would try. About that time, my boyfriend, husband now, Toby, had Churches praying for her life everywhere in the part of Florida we lived at that time, in the Tampa area. Well, let’s go back to Italy where hope was low and the pain was what the 3 of us held together and I prayed to the Lord for her life.

My father is not a believer, YET, so I was far from my new home, the U.S. and lonely for the comfort of the one I loved, my husband. We spoke often and he also started to pray for her.

The day of Surgery came and, as the DR, with his scrubs on. was getting ready to walk in the Surgery room, my desperate father asked the dr what chances my mother had.

I will never forget his answer. He told my father and me,:”it is in God’s Hands:”For some reason, deep inside I felt more hope. DR Spaggiari was a believer.

After hours of walking back and forth, no place to sit down, not even thinking of getting a coffee or anything just in case the DR> would come out of Surgery. So, my father and I talked, cried but mostly just waited in silence.

Suddenly the doors to the Surgery room opened and the doctor pulling off his Surgical Cap, turned his head, smiled and said that the Surgery went well and they were able to remove her right lung  Now the time of waiting started…

see you again soon

What a day!

went to see someone special in my life, a truly wonderful Christian friend,

I came home, burning to start writing about God and give Him Glory and ended up trying to understand how to finish fixing this site. I uploaded music I cannot find and I pray you can. God is very good indeed to love such a mess that I was and still am.

sooner or later I will write, in the meantime my friend and brother in Christ Ike, the true writer here, LOL will write whatever he wants to share.

It is all about God, His Love beauty, perfection in all He IS.

This is my God whom, saved my life in ways I will tell you about and hope to help someone who found themselves sinning and suffering as well.

If HE, forgave me, you are in good shape I was a terrible sinner and HE took me in His arm and when I gave myself to HIM, the journey began.

I promise you the truth!



08DecP342BA2000x1250I recommend this Scholar and teacher of the Word, DR. Chuck Missler to all that want to dig deeper in all areas of the Bible, including History and Science. I love this teacher, he helped me and my husband. We were on the skeptical side a little and He, Chuck Missler taught us a lot. Verse by Verse. Forgive my vocabulary but as I did write down before, my first language is Italian!

24 First study



The Love of God

Have You not made a hedge around him, around his household, and around all that he has on every side?” Job 1:10a(NKJV)
God’s protection is part of our covenant heritage and right as His children.

We live in a world where the spiritual strive to rule and have dominion over the physical earth.
The devil having lost out in the power tussle in heaven was thrown out. He came down to the earth with grate wrath “because he knows that he has a short time” Revelations 12:12
But then also God has put a plan in place to shield His children from harm.
Though the devil has come to kill and to destroy, God did not leave us helpless nor at the mercy of his destructive fury because Christ Jesus also came “that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” John 10:10

God has given to us the authority to plead our covenant right in Him through Christ. That RIGHT TO PROTECTION is sealed and guaranteed by His Holy Spirit in our hearts(2 Cor 1:19-22)

The blessing of God to His children is an all-round blessings, so also His protection extends to al areas of our life. All that the Lord has blessed us with, including life, health, riches, wisdom,blessings divine guidance, favor, fruitfulness etc, all of this and more He also helps us to protect ‘that nothing will be lost’. (2 Cor 8:9; Deut 8:18)
” And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes,
So that he will not destroy the fruit of your ground,
Nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit for you in the field.” Malachi 3:11

when we are saved, we were raised up to sit together with Christ in heavenly places above the powers of darkness(Eph 1:21; Col 1:13)
that means when we become born again, we draw the strength and receive grace from God as needed to overcome the challenges and trials that may come our way.
At the time of our second birth, our lives were ‘redeemed from destruction’ Psalm 103:4; and then we became ‘heavenly citizens carrying out an assignment on the earth, and there is heavenly immunity around you that makes it impossible for you to be assaulted, molested, and harassed’ Bishop David O Oyedepo

Even as we go about our normal daily activities, the Presence of God goes about with us for protection and comfort(Psalm 23:4; Matt 28:20; Heb 13:5)

God’s guardian angels are also on assignment to keep and be of help to us in this our journey of life. This helps to boost our confidence in God’s divine protection and faithfulness ( Psalm 34:7; Exodus 23:20)

Now, we must know that all of the above promises of protection are achieved through righteous living. God encourages us not to live our lives in fear because we were both protected and blessed in Him(Isaiah 51:7; Psalm 112:1,2
And more importantly, He “shows Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him” 2 Chronicle 16:9

Ike Oriaku