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First published as Not Many People Know This… the day after I’d launched this blog in November 2011, this item was repeated on the home page over subsequent years. It alerts followers and visitors to the acceleration in fulfillment of biblical prophecies, as shown in the closing links to some of those events:

As you may have gathered from my Welcome, I’m into eschatology – the theological study of the destiny and judgment of nations and all people, even angels!  You may know it as ‘The Last Days’ or, more popularly, as ‘End-Times’. The origin of this term is in the ancient Hebrew Torah’s description: Acharit Hayamin, ie. ‘Last of the Years’.

Let me take you for a very brief visit into one of my favourite classes where Dr Chuck Missler is asking his students, “Why Eschatology?”.:


“It is very practical”, he answers himself and explains:

“Apparently, we’re being plunged into a period of time about which the Holy Bible says more than any other period – including the time when Jesus walked by the Sea of Galilee!

“Now that’s a preposterous statement – and I challenge you to challenge my statement! To do so you need to do two things:

1 – Find out what the Bible itself says about this and – this is a bit harder,

2 – Find out what’s really going on – but you won’t get that on the ten o’clock news!

“Fortunately, thanks to the internet, the alternative press and to talk-radio you can do some homework and find out what really is going on. The more you do those two things the more you’ll understand why many scholars are extremely excited about the horizon we’re moving into – because it all deals with the return of Christ to rule earth.

“It really is remarkable how controversial this topic is, but there are:

  • over 1800 references in the Old Testament to this event – 17 Old Testament books give prominence to the event.
  • over 300 references in the New Testament – 216 chapters in 23 of its 27 books give prominence to this primary issue: the return of Jesus to rule on earth.

“You may not believe what the Bible says, but what’s utterly astonishingis that so very many claim to believe in Jesus yet have no grasp of the idea Christ is to literally return and rule!”

I respect Chuck for frequently stressing that we shouldn’t take what he says as ‘Gospel’ but always do a ‘Berean check’ per Acts 17:11; that is, to search the scriptures to find out whether or not his ideas line up with them. Also, I admire his public apology for admitting that, having long taught about an anticipated Middle Eastern war from some scriptures, he’s gained a better understanding of other passages. So Chuck explained why he’d changed his mind.  For more information visit his website at Koinonia House.org

What are we to do when mainstream news (eg. Bigoted Brainwashing Corporation, the once impartial BBC) doesn’t help?  To find out, read Not on the 10 o’clock News…

Footnote:  some of many eschatalogical developments:


Richards Watch,

Looking for the signs of Jesus’ return

I might add that Chuk Missler brought me into a new dimension in my small knowledge of the Bible.

This Marvelous, Unique  Holy Spirit’s Inspired book, gives me now more joy as I understand a little more because of Chucks Teachings and also ask the Holy Spirit to show me, even more, surprises as I read it,


If anyone purifies himself from what is ignoble, then he will be a vessel for noble use, consecrated and useful to the master of the house, ready for any good work.” 2Tim 2:21(RSV)

We are not only saved to make heaven but also to serve. Part of God’s purpose for our salvation is to be made ready and available to be used for the kingdom assignment “we being delivered from the hand of our enemies, might serve Him without fear” in any areas of our calling(Luke 1:74)

No one is exempt from the call to serve. Everyone of us have a God given potentials and endowed much more to serve than God requires from us. We only need to be willing and obedient to His calling over our lives. When we willingly yield to Him and give of ourselves, only then are we available to Him to be used. This is because God will not force or oblige anyone to do something that is against that person’s will(2Cor 9:7)

Whereas some are called into the fivefold ministry of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers, others are called into the service ministry areas of Ushering, Interceding, Choir, Music departments etc. Some others still are called to be of a support group to sponsor the work of the ministry and care for the minister’s welfare(2Kings 4:9-10; Eph 4:11)

As Apostle Paul said: “For me, to live is Christ..” Phil 1:21. That same declaration applies to every born again Christian today. If we were saved just to make heaven, then God would have taken every saved soul straight to heaven. But He rather allows us to stay on because part of our Christian walk is to use our God given talent to serve His purpose on earth rather than go to heaven immediately. For this reason, at any point in time that anyone feels not useful to serve anymore, then that would be same thing as putting in a request to go to heaven!

Everyone He calls, He also empowers by His Spirit and gives enough grace to accomplish the work without stress. Christ has given us the assurance that we will do much more than He did, and be successful in our work for the kingdom if we believe because our help is in Him. That is the gift we have receivedsaved by grace through faith, created in Christ Jesus for good works. Having been delivered from the image of the man of dust(the Adamic sinful nature), we have been given a new image which is that of a heavenly Man(Christ). So now, our victory, whatever heights we attain in life, our excellence, and accomplishments are all from God and to the advancement of His kingdom and glory(John 14:12; Eph 2:9,10)

A little family History

Isaiah 57:15

For this is what the high and exalted One says— he who lives forever, whose name is holy: “I live in a high and holy place, but also with the one who is contrite and lowly in spirit, to revive the spirit of the lowly and to revive the heart of the contrite.


That is what happened when mamma, as I told you, was healed with a miracle and I promised to change my lifestyle.

When I truly started to repent my journey became full of trials and I did not believe for a second that God loved me as I was so very dirty.

Since I saw God as a man, I did not trust him at all.

It took me 14 years to start believing I was loved and God was a Spirit.

I remember the 2 and1/2 years of pain after already repenting over and over not understanding Grace, Many many tears and my sick mind manipulated by the enemy.

I was Gods Child already but did not understand the POWER I had in me by the Holy Spirit.

The suffering of the mind was atrocious and I still feel that I also did not deserve my husband’s love.Toby and I fought often because of my old mental illnesses, our different backgrounds,

the spirits of the enemy in me were very powerful.

My great-grandmother was a witch.

She would have her coworkers DRS and Nurses get together and called on the dead. She hated her only child my grandmom that took care of me for a while and put a curse on her for her to die. Our family curse started there.

My grandmom died at the young age of 44 of Cancer and I was left to be put in an orphanage. Generational curses are a terrible thing they last until the 3rd or 4th generation I later in life started to count the generations.

My child and grandchildren are OK and I thank God for His Mercy! The enemy cannot win but he can hurt you. God IS good and HE does intervene at the right time. I learned a lot during these painful time, I hurt myself and crawled into corners moaning often, Even the wrong word from my husband caused me terrible pain and “episodes”

I was a Christian having a purpose and the trials brought me to a better understanding of God and HIS true love for me.

I could have been sick all my life and go to hell but, God in His great Mercy truly Saved me.



I hope someone is reading my older post to better understand my little Blog.