Ike Oriaku’s BIO

21055365_2014026878831523_8784086492323607968_oMy name is Ike Oriaku from Owerri Nigeria. I am trained and worked as a professional Accountant ( a member of the Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of Nigeria)
I was born into a Christian home but didn’t start off being a Christian, because growing up as a teenager I branched off from my Christian background via the lure of peer pressure
It was later in my early adolescent age that I started having convictions each time I hear the Gospel messages or on very rear occasions when I read the Bible.

My journey to becoming a Christian was never smooth sailing. Along the way, there has been worldly attractions that tried to keep me away from Church services. I made so many alter calls of which each time, I had to backtrack(Matt. 13:7,22)
Finally when I made the decision to follow Christ which has stood to this day, I felt a huge burden was lifted off me.(Matt. 11:28-30) The relief was so overwhelming that I shed a few tears of joy.

From then onwards, I became a regular and dedicated member of a Bible believing Church.
In one of the Church services, the man of God made a prophecy of me having a call to minister of which there has been many other confirmations.
It was during the period of transition to answering the call to become a full-time minister that I started having series of challenges and situations that are dare. It then culminated to a ghastly road accident.

The motor accident was so severe that I survived merely by the mercy and miracle of the Lord.
I was knocked down from behind by a soft drink delivery truck. I had two surgeries on my back and was still confined to bed for some years before I am able to use a wheelchair.
I still use the wheelchair but NEVER for any moment have I lost hope on God and His ability to fulfill His plans and purpose in my life.

I believe that part of the purpose of God, for which He brought me and Patrizia VEEN together, was to write for this blog site.
I am not a seasoned writer nor a trained preacher/theologian, having not attended a Bible college.
So, I will try to write from my heart as lead by the Holy Spirit of God(John 14:26; 1John 2:27)
More over, I believe that the essence of this blog site is not one-sided flow of teaching from writers to followers. It is going to be interactive and dual kind of flow of knowledge. Meaning that we learn from each other…
You learn from us through our posts; we in turn learn from you by your responses and comments.

I sincerely pray that God will use this blog site to teach each and everyone of us about His wisdom, Salvation, Grace, Love, Faith, the working of His Spirit etc

Welcome friends to From Darkness into the Light.
The Lord bless you all richly.
– Ike