Healing Marriage.

If we are married, the first place healing flows from our relationship with Christ, is in our marriage. Oh, that our marriages and relationships with our spouse would be healed in Jesus’s Name! It may seem odd we read of Jacob wrestling with the Lord in today’s context of healing in our relationships. I wondered myself. But what I sense the Lord speaking to our hearts today is that we need to ask ourselves if we are willing to get into the presence of God, even if it means we may have to sacrifice (girl-time, hobbies, plans, social media, etc.) and not let go of Him until we’ve received the blessing for our spouse’s sake.

As we read Hosea, we see God desires healing in our marriages even if the spouse continually goes astray, similar to those in relationship with Him.

Are we willing to circle our spouse in prayer, trusting the Lord will draw them closer to Himself?

Are we willing to do this in parallel to receiving healing of our own opened wounds? Before?

Prayer: Father, You desire healing for our relationships. You desire healing in our marriages. Lord, where marriages are reflecting the love You have for Your bride in the way You intended {see Ephesians 5:25}, we praise you and thank You! In marriages where this is not yet the case, help us as spouses to know how to courageously “go after” our spouse, as Your Spirit leads. You know what our spouse needs to be drawn to You. Help us provide those things in our love towards them. You know their hearts and thoughts, help us to enter in, and allow us to connect with them where they are, without compromising Your Word and truth. Help us to courageously love through truth in a way that is a sweet aroma to their soul. Compel us to set aside all other affections and aspirations, to press into Your presence on our spouse’s behalf, until we receive the blessing of knowing he or is now completely enamored by Your love for them, desiring to have You lead and guide them the rest of their days. Father, forgive us if we have not been a reflection of You, potentially adding to their distance from You. We trust these prayers have been prayed according to Your will. In the Name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

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In answer to my prayers another Word on Marriage!



Do We Want Healing? Part 2

Reading Luke’s account of the woman with an issue of blood, this phrase sticks out to me, “someone deliberately touched me”. Deliberately. According to a quick Google search, that word deliberately means: 1. consciously and intentionally; on purpose 2. in a careful and unhurried way. This begs the question, if healing is needed, are we willing to courageously reach out for it intentionally and on purpose, without “hurry” (or worry) attached to it?

The other nugget shining like a piece of gold is the statement, “your faith has made you well.” In James we see a prayer offered in faith will heal the sick and the Lord will make well the person willing to allow elders of the church to pray for and anoint them. This begs two more questions. Are we willing to allow others to pray for us? And how healthy is my faith? The latter question seems to me to be the most urgent…

Are there areas in our relationship with Christ where ill feelings have been harbored towards Him, perhaps unknowingly? Have prayers gone unanswered, circumstances unchanged? Has my faith been shaken and whittled to barely a splinter and I have a difficult time pressing in? However, out of obligation (or maybe fear) I will not abandon Him. To imagine anything MORE in my relationship with Him right now, is a real stretch?

Prayer: Lord, I pray for Your supernatural healing for those who may need to have their faith in and relationship with You healed. I courageously pray this prayer as one of intercessory, as it’s possible souls may not even be able to acknowledge this prayer is needed. We stand in the gap for folks who have been injured by others in the church or in the Name of Jesus. Help them to see You are still a loving God and You truly desire to heal ALL areas of our lives. You desire we have restoration. Father, help us to deliberately, on purpose, without hurry reach out to You for healing in any area of our lives and trust You will close open wounds, heal blinded eyes, open deaf ears, restore mobility to the paralyzed, and give words to the mute. In Jesus Christ’s Name we pray, amen!

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What A Wonderful Day

I am getting ready to read the Word as I also am talking to the Lord about life and marriage.

It is a very important thing for God and men, a marriage that unites two people for, hopefully, life.

No matter what Toby and I went through some of the sad and bad things in life and in our marriage., we are here now.

At times we still have an argument but, the last one brought both of us closer to God. How can that happen?

Not because of us but for the Grace that, thanks to Jesu Christ our Lord and Savior has been freely given. to us all.

God sees the hearts, we all know that and when the time is HIS time all things come together. 
He only asks to persevere an trust in  HIM and, that, I have been trying to do for many years and became closer to Jesus in the process. 

Now THE gift from the Lord.

My husband has been speaking to God for a long time and, yesterday after that argument that we had, do to about nothing, in particular, something beautiful happened. The Holy Spirit Spoke to him.

He saw my husband and his heart. Now we are again “fused” together and restarted our Journey TOGETHER with God. I know this IS the final time when after many heartaches for both of us, God’s timing as I trusted and waited IS here.

Thank You, my Lord, for the love you always have given me even when I was distant for a while, you waited for me to ask You again for help but, more than that, my husband did. his is a wonderful day!


Luke 11: 9-10

Jesus said “ask and it will be given to you seek and you will find, knock and it will be open to you. For everyone who asks receives, he who seeks finds, and to whom who knocks the door will be open”.