I Don’t See As Man Sees

I am El Shaddai. I don’t see the way man sees. I don’t think the way man thinks. I see over, above, and beyond the circumstances that try to weigh you down. So see Me as I am. I am the One who meets your needs, who nourishes your soul, who supplies your heart’s desires, who satisfies your hunger and thirst. I am the Lord of abundant blessings, and I will walk with you through the circumstances that try to weigh you down and take you over, above, and beyond where you thought you could go.

Thank You for being almighty in my life. Thank You for seeing my heart’s intentions even when I don’t live up to my own standards. Thank You for all of Your promises and all of Your blessings. Help me walk in the fullness of Your plan for me.

From YouVersion,



You Are Not Under attack.

Too often I hear you and others say, “I’m under attack” when the enemy is harassing you. That’s not a victory mind-set, and you should not go into battle declaring you are under attack. Beloved, the attack is under you.

The enemy is under your feet, and you are seated above him – in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. So change your perspective. Yes, the enemy may be attacking you, but you are not under his attacks – you are over them. Speak and act as if you believe that.

I repent for not standing in my authority in Christ when the enemy comes against my life. Thank You for reminding me who I am in Christ. Will You strengthen my heart and pour out a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him?

From YouVersion



This is an old blog I did not share earlier.

I am so so tired and my back where I had surgery 7 months ago is in agony.

I thank God for the puppy He gave me.

I had almost given up ever finding a puppy or young dog.

Toby received the call from Miami where we put an application for a fluffy pet and,  we finally had this call. We took off from visiting another shelter and drove to Miami.

The most precious little face and a lively 10-month-old puppy greeted us.

He is not fluffy but looks sad and scared!

I almost fell in 💕with him.

This cute little yorky was ready to come home with us.

He is skinny needs to eat. The shelter was not an ideal place for any pet.

He weighs 4 pounds and needs to put on the extra 2. She is even smaller than Belle my Maltese I lost less than 2 months ago. So,  I wanted to tell because I needed to share and might not feel Like writing anymore. God did it all perfectly.

Thank You, my Lord.