Happy Birthday Honey!

Today was my husband’s Birthday.


I was sleeping in a state of Ecstasy as I usually do when I m  alone in bed. Please Toby better not know lol. He might if he reads this today!

Well, I remembered it was my sweetheart’s Birthday but, as usual, I could not get out of bed. All those horrible opiates so much debated these days that give me at least relief from the major pain. I understand the opiates problem but what people like me would do without them? I tried to take off my patch and I ended up in tears from the pain.

I woke up and took my adderells to focus my brain, yes I take a lot of pills and God keeps me together and went back to sleep. I imagine 45  minutes later or so, the time it takes for the pills to get in my system, I woke up and, no joking, made the fasted way out of bed I ever have. It is Toby’s birthday I had to be in good shape and give him the best of days.

I made brunch with my special scrambled ham and eggs, spent time watching a couple of shows with him, the kind of things that relax him and I often ruin by talking too much. God healed me but my nature remained intact. I love people and laughter. Guess what! God really touched my husband and our times together these last few days showed me a special growth in our marriage. God IS in the middle when things go well. I mean, when we put Him firs,t in between us, He blesses and directs us by His Spirit. Wonderful times. So, I went to see Lou Ellen the sweetest Christian Therapist that helped me over 5 years in my healing process and I knew right away that God was by His Spirit present in her to be continued…By the way, you are in my prayers.