A Little blogging

I am half sitting, with my arms almost all stretched to the limit, a little pain creeping, to reach the Laptop and, trying to make a little post to remind those that stop by, that I am a real person, not a computer putting premade devotional, written and read by me on my blog or Dr. Chuck Missler great work, ONLY.

My husband and I just spent $500 a lot for us, half of our return to get an order of fashion Jewelers to start soon our small Facebook Business.

We are a little scared but as we prayed for help, we hope that God’s Will was with us when we took this big step and, as a result, have a small side income that I can run alone, eventually, LOL. If not I will have gifts for my family and friends for years to come.

I never had to deal we any kind of business before and in Faith, we did it.

We have a few things we will post out soon but, ordered much better pieces. to be here in a few weeks.

I ask you all for prayers for us to be blessed.

Please don’t think I am greedy, we need to take care of many things and pray this was a good investment for Facebook. I do not want anyone to go to the page, just pray, please.

I will be back to tell you some more about God’s goodness for me that. truly was the only reason I am alive today.

Perseverance is by the Grace of God as well as all good things,