Looking back limits the future


It is heartbreaking to see so many people live their lives camping out in the past that cannot be changed and turning their backs on a grand future. We all know it is not possible to be effective in two places at the same time and the only person who could accomplish that is God. We will never be able to give one hundred percent of ourselves in the present if we keep living in the past. Our potential will never reach its maximum capacity, future goals get delayed, insecurity and fear will dominate, the flesh will rule and life will become one heap of complaining. There is a lot at stake to choose to remain in the past and truthfully life will be unhappy.

The children of Israel found themselves in major bondage, they cried to God to deliver them and God sent a deliverer, They were able to experience firsthand the goodness, kindness, protection and provision of God. He split the Red sea, He destroyed their enemies, He made bitter water sweet, He rained manna from heaven and fed them, their shoes never wore out and their clothes was kept. He covered them, moved with them and most of all loved them even when they complained. But they could not let go of the past and that blinded them to the glorious future God had for them, They were eye witnesses to the Promised land flowing with milk and honey but because they did not rid themselves of the “Look back mentality” they chose to see the giants in the land rather than the big, big God that was with them. The past kept them in fear and they doubted God’s plans. As a result of their evil report of the goodness of God they never made it to the promise land.

Today the stories told in this plan is of greater value than silver and gold. It may have been too late for the Israelites in the wilderness but it’s not too late for you. Living in the past is of great detriment to your future. I want to ask you today to leave the past behind, clear your heart of the clutter and take hold of the glorious future God has planned out for you. The past is over, God is about moving forward!

Holy Spirit, I thank you for the revelation I received during this time and I truly want to make it into the future God has for me. I am sorry I wasted so much time on things that I cannot change, I am sorry for taking for granted what you so freely provide for me every day. I am sorry for robbing the people in my life presently because of the “look back mentality”. Holy Spirit, help me to forget the pain associated with the past and as I visit my past from now on let it be for only moments of remembering how you brought me out of bondage. Thank you Abba for a new start!

From YouVersion

God Bless you all


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