Party time!

I ‘m tired but excited tomorrow at noon the girls, will get together as we try to do once a month.

Met them all at a Sunday Church Class for C.R.

I had, decided that, after asking God but, not sure I was told, to, to become a Sponsor for Celebrate Recovery.

My thinking and pride told me that I had enough experience to ask the Church if I could.

That is when I came across “RULES”.

I hate rules!!

Before you can Sponsor anyone, you must do a year-long Sunday’s class.

Wow, that was too much.

The Bipolar in me wanted to run chased by my pride.

It was God’s choice, not mine.

I thought about it but I was so surprised that I could say yes,  so quickly, but, I wanted to be obedient and,  waiting to see if anyone would put their trust in me.(you have to be a true Christian to give me a chance) LOL.

Well, we “graduated last October and started this”get together” with boards, crayons etc. Just like kids, having a good time and share our lives events.

I love these Ladies!

If I had been disobedient I would have missed out the joy of love they gave me. I am not used to receiving that from people, I don’t mix much anymore after being hurt by other Christians making fun between themselves about my unwitting fast speech or interruptions during Bible study that made me look rude. I am truly a very polite person. I did not mean to do any of that but, that it is super hard for me. to keep my mouth shut as someone expect from others.

God has been working hard on my illnesses but, I am who I am, no reference to the passage in the Bible.

They know, I am a bit off, to say the least, and, when I am not ignored on”what’s up”, I get into conversations.

I am not offended, I am learning to be more humble as I have been asking the Lord for many years. ” clean my heart, Humble me “gently” my Lord and Savior by Your Holy Spirit.

I am who God made me to be and it happens that this makes me  His child, a princess.

So much I want to share. Maybe later. Thank you for reading my Blog. stopping bye I really feel privileged,

God Bless you all,

Later Pat.


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