When you think things can not get worse…


I received a text filled with fear and what hit my heart as well, the Paranoia of my best friend, creeping back stronger with good reasons. God put my Best Friend back in my life so I could offer help for her sister. Now, I don’t understand this picture but am asking the Lord to make it clear to me.

Well, I pray, for her sake, my best friend will NOT lose her apartment.

Jill sent me 5 emails regarding her Health Care, Medicaid,

The Governator of Virginia, in order to gain political points, is NOT going to take care of the most vulnerable of his Citizen and blame the White House for his shortcomings.

The Governator of Virginia decided not to replace them with something different that would still protect the Mentally and Physically ill, both handicapped People.

Now, my friend is terrified of losing her home because the new Federal law is applied with no regard for the sick even if the State has the Power to make a new and better plan. All this is political,. SHAME ON THE GOVERNATOR! (I am not even taking the time to look up his name)

The new law takes away some benefits badly needed by my friend and thousands of other handicapped People.

I am shocked and yes, afraid for her.

The new, inaltereted law I was told does not pay anymore for Class 3 and 4 Medications and her food stamps will be taken away!!

My friend works hard in maintaining herself independent and others like her, with the help that they did receive, did not make all these people like me, dependent on their families.

I have Insurance from my husband Employer.

I am stunned and again, from the plan on going to see her because she was feeling better to this, I  am afraid of the fragile state of her mind.

This is all for now.

I pray for the Father’s Mercy and for all the families of those in need to make the unfeeling Governator change his mind.


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