My Fine And Fashion Jewelry Store

Hello, We are still uploading many items PLEASE visit us soon!

I hope you do not think badly of me starting a little internet store and put a link to it here.

We prayed about it and decided to take a step of faith to be able to make a small income to fix my mouth and get sufficient money to go see my father in Italy I have not seen in 7 years. If Blessed we will continue our experiment, LOL

When the store will be open I will advertise it here.

My husband and I decided to open it to give me something to do but mainly to increase our income.

These will be designer jeweler at a very affordable price. You if you will stop by just to look, will be surprised at how little we will sell things where many people make 10 times over. We don’t want to make a killing just some that will make it good for the buyer as well as us.

Payer needed. Please if OK share our store link with your friends.

Am I asking too much? If so just visit, please!

I don’t want to upset none of you that follow me.

Thank you

God bless you all.,20180204_202153

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