It is an easy business to preach, an appallingly easy thing to tell other people what to do; it is another thing to have God’s message turned into a boomerang—“You have been teaching these people that they should be full of peace and joy, but what about yourself? Are you full of peace and joy?” The truthful witness is the one who lets his light shine in works which exhibit the disposition of Jesus; one who lives the truth as well as preaches it.

The way God’s life manifests itself in joy is in a peace which has no desire for praise. When a man delivers a message which he knows is the message of God, the witness to the fulfillment of the created purpose is given instantly, the peace of God settles down, and the man cares for neither praise nor blame from anyone.

Reflection Questions: What truth do I preach better than I practice? Is there unresolved conflict between me and someone else that is like a shade pulled over the light of Christ in me? What pride keeps me from making peace?

Quotations taken from The Love of God, © Discovery House Publishers

God Bless you,