Monday is the day!

I am trying to write a few words as the puppy keeps licking my hand.

I am still thinking about last night conversation one of a few I had with Jill my best friend, no matter what!

I am so grateful to the Lord for bringing her back for as long as HE grants in my life.

I have always tried to take care of her in our adventures past together.

Unfortunately she “vanishes” for years at the time because of her mental illness and not always be on the Meds, I will ask her, but I think there are times she does not take them as she should.

I did try to go off my meds with terrible results but God tells me not to do it again and if I speak with her and mention this, she might take a second look at her life and to Please the Lord, she might, I say might do that. (take her medications)

Also, I am sorry I am not trying to be overdramatic but she is also physically ill.

If I feel sorry for myself at times I only have to think about her and everything is redimensioned.

I Pray to The Lord now to bless this visit, especially for her. 

We will love our time together, always have but, I need to remember to stay focus on God’s Spirit for a “visit” from Him to make this the most special time together EVER

She is as the little sister I never had and, Monday after almost 7 years I will see her



This is huge because this means at least she is feeling somehow better and I pray it will be for a long long term this time around.

This is the longest time we had not spoke but once when she was in a hospital in Arizona.

she lives in Virginia. Long long story.

I am writing it all down and pray to be able to put in words what friendship is all about for me.