The Faith to Leap

Juli Ocean

April in a thankless interruption based telemarketing jobApril worked part-time at an on-site gig with people she liked, but she didn’t dig every part of the job. She had managed to pinpoint exactly the problem: her clients had insisted on using old-school techniques but expected better results than she could possibly deliver with them.

After a year, April knew she had to make a radical shift or quit. She felt her job was constantly in jeopardy which drained her as much the mindless tasks she was required to accomplish. With nothing to lose, she met with a managing head and pitched parallel avenues of work that could lead to similar results. With permission granted, she moved forward, full steam ahead.

April educated herself about various marketing tools, and began sharing her knowledge with colleagues and friends and watched their businesses bloom. She took courses and gained certifications that she could use in her current job and parlay…

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