10 Minutes with Jesus: Day 1

Read or listen to the Gospel of Mark one chapter a day and at the end of 16 days you will know Jesus more intimately.

Today’s Reading: Mark 1

Click here to listen to today’s reading. This audio narration is drawn from Breathe Bible, a vivid listening experience by a cast of internationally acclaimed film and recording artists.

The audio of Mark 1 is only 6 minutes long. You’ll hear about:

  • John the Baptist preparing the way for Jesus
  • The baptism and temptation of Jesus
  • Jesus calling his first disciples
  • Jesus performing many miracles

Click here to listen. If you prefer to read Mark 1, click here.

Invest the remaining 4 minutes praying, meditating, and thinking about Mark’s emphasis of Jesus as the eternal Son of God from the very beginning of his Gospel.

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