Woman Of Honor

The Proverbs 31 woman brings good to her husband. Not just one day but every day of her life.

Consider: Are you an armour bearer?

Another word for the devotion she shows is loyalty. She is loyal to her husband and loyalty has it demands:

Loyalty brings solutions not problems
Loyalty shows willingness
Loyalty speaks the voice of unity
We need to be loyal to those that God has put above us (our leaders). At Freedom Church we know the story of Jonathan and the armour bearer well. In Biblical times, an armour bearer’s role was exactly as described – to carry the armour of their leader. Today, that may look physically different but the principal is the same. Armour bearers are loyal people. They are loyal to the visionary as well as to the vision. I heard teaching a number of years ago that greatly challenged me – “Your abundance or lack of loyalty will dictate the size of the miracle you receive”. Wow.

Context: Why bother?

There are few things that I am more passionate about than the importance of armour bearing. Being an armour bearer is one of the greatest privileges that I have – doing all that I can to be obedient, to love, to serve and to hold weight for my Campus Pastors, Paul and Toni.

The best way to lift your leaders’ arms is to do everything that you’ve been asked to do as well as you can. That may be specific responsibilities and roles. Or that may be more general things like arriving on time for church, stepping in to serve when you see a need, fighting for unity in your campus or speaking to a new VIP (first time guest) who is sitting alone.

Over to you: Ask yourself…..

Are you being loyal to your preferences and vision or another’s?
Who are you bearing armour for and how are you doing that?
How can you lift up the arms of the leaders around you?
What example are you setting?

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