Ministry Leader’s Network

Hope gives people strength. This is especially true when dealing with cancer. For many people, cancer is the ultimate test of their faith.

Every church needs to be prepared to provide hope through an effective, biblically-based cancer care ministry that offers practical support and spiritual encouragement. That is why Our Journey of Hope® was created.

Cancer care ministry can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start.

Our Journey of Hope comes alongside pastors and churches to equip them with proven tools and training. We developed the Cancer Care Ministry Leader’s Network to empower churches around the country to better meet this great need.

When you sign up you will receive access to exclusive online resources, information about ministry training opportunities and our monthly email newsletter which contains:

  1. Practical tips, tools and training from seasoned cancer care ministers
  2. Ministry resources, insights, updates
  3. Inspirational devotions for cancer care ministry
  4. Testimonies from ministers and cancer patients
  5. Upcoming opportunities to receive hands on leadership training

Joining the Leader’s Network is absolutely FREE! And it is open to all pastors, ministers and church leaders.

Join thousands of pastors and church leaders from around the nation who have recognized the need for cancer care ministry and have joined together to learn, grow and provide better support to those in need.

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