May 10

“Saying, Amen!” — Rev_7:12.
AMEN MEANS, “So be it—certainly.” It is the word constantly translated in the Gospels by “verily.” It contains the consent of the heart and the response of the life. Amen means that you appropriate each word that is spoken, that your heart says Yes to it and stamps it with the seal of its consent. Let your life say “Amen” to God, “Amen” to Providence, “Amen” to Redemption, “Amen” to the Song of Heaven.
When tried and perplexed with the troubles and problems of life, turn from these—which make the brain dizzy and the heart sick—and consider the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ—”Our Father”—from whom every ray of love in the universe has emanated; and remember that nothing can be permitted or devised by Him which is not consistent with the gentlest and truest dealings that an earthly father could mete out to his child. So shall you be able to say: “Amen, Lord.”
We must not dwell upon the dark and perplexing questions that seethe and boil around us. We must look up to the blue sky of undimmed sunshine, our Father’s heart. He must be Love, beyond our deepest, tenderest, highest conceptions of what love is. In His dealings with us, and with all men, love is the essence and law of His nature. In proportion as you humbly believe in the Father, you will be able to say “Yes,” which is a true rendering of the Greek word in our version, translated “Even so” (Mat_11:26).
Our Lord was able to say, not only “Even so, Father”; but, “I thank Thee,” and there shall come a day,

From The e-Sword Study Bible


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