Good Traction


Here’s your bike,” Nathan’s stepfather said, bringing over a red bicycle from the rental office. “Hop on and see if it fits.” Nathan was strapping on his helmet. Today their father-son church group was going mountain biking in the Rockies. “Okay, Dad,” Nathan said. He adjusted his glasses, then climbed on the bike. “Feels good to me.”

His stepfather grinned. “Okay then. We’re ready to ride!” Nathan stared down at the wide knobby tire in front of him. “Why are the tires so big?”

Climbing on a blue bicycle, his stepfather replied, “Mountain bikes are designed to go places regular bikes can’t. They have large tires to give them good traction, so they can handle rough terrain. When we get going, you’ll be glad those tires are so big and rugged. They’ll help keep you on the trail!”

Mountain bikers rely on their tires for good traction. Christians rely on God. When you’re walking on the path of righteousness, there’s always the danger that you could slip. Temptation could make you slide off into sin. But if you rely on God, he’ll give you the traction you need to stay on the path.

Bible Verse: The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights. – Habakkuk 3:19

Words to Treasure: [God] has preserved our lives and kept our feet from slipping. – Psalm 66:9

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