Read: James 4:7-12

SOAP: James 4:7-8

James urges believers to humbly submit to God in order to overcome temptation and resist Satan. Through Jesus Christ, God draws near to us in passionate pursuit. The infinite reaches down to the finite. The holy covers the unholy. Perfection seeks the imperfect. A believer’s salvation begins with the humble confession of our sin and the desperate need for Jesus to cleanse us. Our transformation continues with the humble admission that we desperately need Jesus daily in order to live holy lives.

Where are you resisting in giving yourself fully to the Lord? God rescues undeserving and unworthy believers from death and the bondage of sin through the sacrifice of His Son. He places infinite and immeasurable value on us, and He can be absolutely trusted with our full devotion. Where are you feeling the pressure to resist God and deviate from His plans for you?

Father God, I thank You for an amazing love which compels me to trust You with my life. Lord, help me to replace my selfishness with Your humility, my resistance with submission, and my half-heartedness with Your wholeness. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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