What is your “coming and going?” Think through the normal pattern of your day. You wake up, have breakfast, go to work or school. Maybe you exercise, meet friends for coffee or do some errands. These minute details of how we choose to spend our time are our “coming and goings.”

God doesn’t just watch over our lives in a big picture way. He is there in the small moments too. The moments that seem insignificant, like brushing our teeth or making our dinner.

That is the overarching message of Psalm 121. God is all-encompassing, all-consuming, all-knowing. He is the banisher of all fear and the giver of all peace and hope, even in absolute darkness.

I pray that after studying this Psalm, you allow God to draw you back to it in your time of anxiety or stress. Save this scripture on your phone or mark it in your Bible. Ask God to send this Psalm into your head when you are struck by fear or worry. When we arm ourselves with the word of the Lord, we will not be shaken.