The realization that my strength is a hindrance to God’s supply of life is a great eye-opener. A man who has genius is apt to rely on his genius rather than on God. A man who has money is apt to rely on money instead of God. So many of us trust in what we have got in the way of possessions instead of entirely on God. All these sources of strength are sources of double weakness. Once we realize that our true life is “hid with Christ in God,” that we are “complete in Him,” in whom “dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily,” then His strength is radiantly manifested in our mortal flesh.

The great stumbling block in the way of some people being simple disciples is that they are gifted, so gifted that they won’t trust God. So clear away all those things from the thought of discipleship; we all have absolutely equal privileges, and there is no limit to what God can do in and through us.

Reflection Questions: In what ways am I trusting God’s gifts rather than God himself? What might God have me do that is outside my area of strength?

Quotations taken from God’s Workmanship and If Thou Wilt Be Perfect, © Discovery House Publishers

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