Devotional Day 2

Praying with Intention


Have you ever noticed how there are times when your prayer life is amazing? There are times when it seems so necessary and natural to be on your knees while your heart cries out to the Lord. He is your main focus, and there are no distractions that can come between you and your God. And have you ever noticed that those times are usually found in the midst of crisis, trauma or tragedy?

On good days, it might be a little harder to focus simply because the need isn’t as great. 

It can seem effortless to storm the gates of heaven when it is actually storming, but when the days are bright, we can become a little more flighty without prayer life. 

It’s not that we forget about God. It’s just so easy to take Him for granite.

I know I have the saying wrong. I know the correct word is “granted”, but “granite” is really more appropriate. You see, God is our rock. He is described as such in scripture no fewer than 59 times. And like a huge chunk of granite,  I know He is there, He has always been there, and He will always be there. I know that especially well when I need His immediate help.

But guess what? I need Him every day. Even on the days when everything is running smoothly.

Deep inside I know that He is the reason everything is running so well. I just sometimes forget to take the time to acknowledge that… Maybe I forget more than sometimes. Do you?

Just like spouses and wedding vows, we need to lean on God in sickness and in health; in good times as well as bad. It’s not that we don’t pray during the good times, it’s just that it’s so often quick text-message-like prayers instead of incredible face to face encounters with Him. 

When was the last time you intentionally, wholeheartedly approached God? Not because life’s circumstances brought you there, but because He is good… All the time, good days and bad. I challenge you this week to clear your schedule and put away all distractions. Make an appointment with God and earnestly seek Him, even if you feel like you have no pressing issues to bring before Him, and especially if you do. God will show up. He promises in His Word. Listen as He speaks to you. 

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