Agreement in purpose on earth must not be taken to mean a predetermination to agree together to storm God’s fort doggedly till He yields. It is far from right to agree beforehand over what we want, and then go to God and wait, not until He gives us His mind about the matter, but until we extort from Him permission to do what we had made up our minds to do before we prayed; we should rather agree to ask God to convey His mind and meaning to us in regard to the matter.

Agreement in purpose on earth is not a public presentation of persistent begging which knows no limit, but a prayer which is conscious that it is limited through the moral nature of the Holy Ghost. It is really “symphonizing” on earth with our Father Who is in heaven.

Reflection Question: Is my hope in God based on my ability to get from Him what I want or on God’s ability to give me what I need?

Quotations taken from Christian Disciplines, © Discovery House Publisher

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