A Christian is one who can live in the midst of the trouble and turmoil with the glory of God indwelling him, while he steadfastly looks not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. We have to learn to think only of things which are seen as a glorious chance of enabling us to concentrate on the things which are not seen. Then let the troubles and difficulties work as they may on the outside, we are confident that they are working out a grander weight of glory in the heavenlies.

It is nonsense to imagine that God expects me to discern all that is clear to His own mind. All He asks of me is to maintain perfect confidence in himself. Faith springs from the indwelling of the life of God in me.

Reflection Question: How does the glory of God within me give me hope that I will never get lost in the black nothingness of the world outside of me?

Quotations taken from The Love of God and Our Portrait in Genesis, © Discovery House Publishers