June 9
The Secret of an Unanxious Life
“Casting all your care upon him; for he cares for you.” (1Pe_5:7).
Anxiety can tear you apart, because it pulls you in many different directions at the same time. Once anxiety seizes your mind, you’re not good for anything else until you break free from its grip. Here’s how you do it.
Cast your cares upon the Lord.
As we have already discussed, the word “cares” means anxiety. The word “cast” mean to hurl. Peter is telling us what to do the moment anxiety starts putting it squeeze on your mind — grab a hold of it and HURL it onto the Lord. Don’t pitch it; don’t toss it; don’t lob it — HURL IT. Remove it as far as possible away from you.
In other words, you have to let go of it. By holding onto anxiety you form a partnership that trumps your friendship with God. And you empower anxiety to be even stronger than it actually is. Let it go — hurl it upon the Lord.
And here’s the secret of why you can do this — HE CARES FOR YOU!
How odd that we would think our care for ourselves exceeds the care which the Lord has for us. And how absurd when we conclude that our ability to take care of things is greater than God’s power to do so. Yet that is exactly what anxiety cause us to do, over and over again.
So cast your anxieties upon the Lord BY CHANGING YOUR FOCUS from caring about yourself to realizing HE CARES FOR YOU. And He can do a much better job of it than you can. This is the secret of an unanxious life.
Say it out loud to yourself and watch the cords begin to break away from your mind — “He cares for me!” Say it over and over, in any anxious moment, and God will bless you with a care free mind and a liberated life.

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