Nothing is so disastrously enervating as disillusionment. We much prefer our fictions and fairy stories about ourselves, to the stern realization of what we really are in God’s sight. In spiritual life disillusionment generally comes in relation to other people. For Ezekiel, the disillusionment came in connection with national life and in relation to God: the people began to realize that God is not what they had vainly hoped He was.

The way we act when we come up against things proves whether we have been disillusioned or not; do we trust in our wits or do we worship God? If we trust in our wits, God will have to repeat the same lesson until we learn it. Whenever our faith is not in God, and in Him alone, there is still an illusion somewhere.

Reflection Questions: Do I have hope in who God is or in who I want Him to be? What illusions do I prefer over reality?

Quotations taken from Notes on Ezekiel and The Place of Help, © Discovery House Publishers

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