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Isaac: Discipline – Day 3

Read Genesis 26:12 – 14

Isaac types are focused and determined with their finances, seeking to make the most of their resources. The God who redeems even the direst situations, who makes the most of resources countless times in the Scriptures when his people experience lack, is revealed through the disciplined mindsets and actions of Isaac types. Isaac types see potential in all things because with God anything is possible. Therefore, nothing is wasted—everything is maximized.

If you give Isaac types a dollar, they will do their best to turn it into ten, not because they like making money, but because of an inner determination to maximize potential. It is crucially important to delineate between self-centered multiplication and maximization, and it all comes down to motivation. Isaac types are not motivated by a sense of more is better in and of itself, but by a sense of most—that is, maximizing resources so the most possible good and potential use of the resources results.

Isaac types likely have a strong desire to know where their money is going. Their budgets are generally organized, and they have a plan that takes into account their future financial needs. They’ll analyze their budgets to make certain they are maximizing their resources, often inflicting tight, self-imposed financial restrictions on themselves, limiting the amount of money they (or others sharing their budgets) will spend on personal enjoyment or seemingly frivolous endeavors.

At their best, Isaac types’ discipline is based in a mindset that longs to bring honor to the Lord because they take so seriously the resources he has entrusted to their care. They think, “I must make the most of this because God has placed this money within my sphere of influence.” They view themselves as God’s partners in bringing about good in the world by how they use money, so not one dime is wasted. They even find ways to monetize the most normal, everyday experiences and objects in life, seeing potential to maximize resources in ways others overlook.

Tomorrow, you’ll learn about the Jacob money type.


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