Devotional 2 Of 7

When coming to Christ, many have the wrong idea about who God is and it only leads to a disappointment in their faith. Instead of taking the time to understand who God is, they view Him as a “spiritual addition” to their lives that is suppose to make everything happy and increase their blessings.

And if you’ve been viewing God as a “spiritual asset” to your life rather than letting Him be Lord over your life, I want to challenge you.

You limit yourself from experiencing the fullness of the Spirit if you are still operating primarily within yourself.

We can’t do both.

We cannot serve God and our selfish ambition.

We cannot serve two masters (Matthew 6:24).

We will either let God be God in our life or we will continue to struggle to make our life work only to come up empty, anxious and frustrated over and over again.

The important concept I want you to digest today is God’s sovereignty.

I truly believe that when anxiety takes over our lives, it’s because we forgot who God is. We forgot that even though our fears are out of our control, they are still under His control. We stop trusting in Him and start depending on ourselves but that is a set up for failure, because we are flawed beings.

We find peace within Gods provision, and we trust in The Lord when we understand how much He loves us. Many of us have been hurt and damaged over and over again to the point we don’t know what safety looks like; let alone the safety of love. But God is challenging us to find this safety in Him maybe for the first time ever and be vulnerable enough to trust that His love is the real thing. That this grace is sufficient to cover, protect, provide and look out for us. It’s a love that never lets go, a love that’s inescapable, a love that won’t leave us hanging or questioning where we stand and pursues us to the ends of the Earth.

Trade your anxiety for His sovereign peace today. 

Action Plan:
Start practicing making two columns in your journal and writing your raw, anxious thoughts on one side, while writing about who God is and what God’s Word promises on the other. 

Yes, you may have to do some digging for verses but digging is good. Plus you have the internet to search anything you can think of! Trust me, just taking the time to look up and write out God’s truth for yourself will bring a renewing process to you.

That’s the beauty of God’s word; when we take it in, it becomes a part of us. This refilling of our mind so necessary for our mental health.

Today’s Prayer: Lord help me to put my trust in you in the moments I strive to turn to myself.

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