Devotional Day 3 Of 7

There is nothing more self- sabotaging and frustrating than being double-minded.

Now, in James 1, verse 3, James is suggesting that when we ask God for wisdom, we do so with confident and unwavering trust in Him. Still this can be applied to anything that we go to God for.

Because the truth is, you either trust in Him or you don’t.

Remember the ill woman who followed Jesus through the crowd (Mark 5:24)?

She reached out her hand thinking,

“If I could just touch his robe I will be healed.”

She didn’t say, I think I’ll be healed.

Or I hope I’ll be healed.

Or He’s healed all these other people but I don’t know if he’ll actually heal me.

She said, I will be healed.


And she did it; pressing in with full faith in the power of Christ.

Jesus says, “Your faith has healed you.” and she was instantly freed from her suffering.

He didn’t touch her. He didn’t say some eloquent prayer. (Not that I disregard any of these things).

But in this case, it was her unwavering faith and the 100% confidence of her recovery in the power of Christ that activated her healing. 

Friend, faith is an activator.

However, fear is also an activator. 

An opposing activator that wages war against our minds. There exists a spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:7). But the spirit of fear and anxiety is opposite to the spirit of faith. The two cannot cohabitate the mind. One will, by nature, rule out the other.


So which are you going to activate today?

Let’s commit to refusing to be double-minded.

We either trust God is at work in our life or we don’t.

Today when you give your worries over to God, you do not pick them back up. You don’t not worry about it any more. He has you.

You make up your mind about what you are going to believe. Keep in mind, faith is not the belief that things will work out the way that we want them to, but that God will keep us no matter how things turn out.

Action Plan:

Make a list of affirmations of what you will choose to believe today and hang it somewhere visible throughout your day.

Today’s prayer: Lord help me to keep my thoughts fixed on you and to have unwavering faith for what you are doing in my life.

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