Good Night

Hello, my Blogger friends, another 24 hours or so passed by in a flash.

Today is a special day for a special young man, my grandson 23rd Birthday. I just turned 40 when he was born.

I miss those few years when my grandchildren were at nonna’s house and eat something Italian most of the time. I have 3 grandchildren and on him being the older lies the simple fact that he will be looked up by his much younger brother and be preoccupied with his college younger sister.

This is just me having a real senior moment.

I love my grandchildren with a passion that is all Italian and only understood by Italians. I love my Country the U.S.A.  but, part of me is still there until my father will die, I am not showing this depressing post to my birthday boy I cannot be near since I am in Ft Lauderdale Miami area in Broward County. and he is, they all are in Georgia. I miss them all like crazy. He will call me for his birthday because he never answers the phone, lol.

I truly am proud of his choice NOT to go to COLLEDGE but took classes to be mechanic for foreign cars and American ones as well and Japanese, ITALIAN ETC..

He has moved out a year ago after a few months on the Job and he is making a life for himself. I pray he will stay on the straight road as he has been all is teen years. I am again, I say, very proud of my dark-eyed good-looking Italian American grandson. My daughter did well.


Happy Birthday, my sweetheart, nonna Love you very very much and she misses you so so much!

Piccolo della nonna!

May you always remember the Jesus nonna told you about and start your growth as soon as possible.

Do not worry if you are reading this, his Birthday card is sweet and simple.


My Blogger Friends,

Have a restful night, good day evening whatever IS where you live.

God Bless you all my friends,







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