Day 2—Defining Your Character

Something about endurance has the incredible capacity to refine you. I suppose it’s like a fire for the silver, removing impurities and strengthening the character. Often because endurance goes hand-in-hand with trials and trials can burn.

One of the amazing results of persevering to the end is Christ-like character. It makes you a better person by pulling out the sin nature and cultivating a spirit that is kind, humble, patient, and above all, puts Christ before all else.

Romans 5 provides a blueprint for this journey. It’s not an easy one but it is an important one for every believer. It starts with the decision to rejoice in your sufferings. When you can do this, you fan into flame endurance, which produces character.

If you can make this journey, Romans affirms character. And not only here, either. Philippians 1 promises that if you will run the race with perseverance to the end, God will complete the good work He started all those years ago when you turned your heart over to Him.

You won’t find perfection today, but one day you will pass to your home—which Christ is preparing—and it will be here that you will find completion. You will walk, free from sin, in the fullness of who God originally created you to be.

Although you may want to give up today, remember that your perseverance will lend to a better version of yourself that resembles Christ more and more over time.

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