Day 6—The Persistent Widow

The persistent widow has often encouraged me and kept me going in my trials. I’ve remembered her determination and faithfulness when mine have wanted to fail. It’s her story that gives me hope when hope begins to diminish.

In the parable that Jesus shared, there is a widow who was seeking justice and she took her cause up with an unsympathetic judge. At first, he denied her—over and over again with no change of heart. But the widow didn’t give up. After many attempts at asking for justice, the judge finally granted her request. Why? So that she would leave him alone!

Jesus continues with the lesson that if an unjust judge would grant the request of a widow, who he cares nothing about because she was persistent, how much more will God respond to His own children when they bring their request to Him.

God is good and He is faithful. He is just and He really hears the prayers of His people. There will be times when you feel as if your prayers are falling on deaf ears, or that God might not care for you as much as another. I’ve been there and it’s hard. But you can’t give up! 

The widow didn’t stop when up against an unjust judge. With this in mind, be encouraged to keep pursuing a just God for those things important to you. He certainly hears you. He may not respond exactly how and when you’d like, but He will always respond in the perfect way at the right time. 

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