We’re All in This Together! Day 2

People are yearning to discover community. We have had enough loneliness, independence and competition. – Thea Jarvis

Today’s reading is drawn from Acts 2:46-47.

You have probably heard the adage “There is strength in numbers,” and whether you accepted it or tossed it aside in favor of independence and competition, the fact is, we need each other.

No matter how fiercely independent we are or how much we’ve learned to trust our own instincts to survive in this world, that was not God’s plan. God designed us for fellowship with each other. He gave us the Church, and we are to love and support one another in community so that we can thrive. He placed us in neighborhoods or workplaces or families. He knew that facing each day on our own would not work.

Think about the best teams, clubs, organizations and even churches you have ever joined. What drew you in? What brought joy to your heart? Most likely your joy came from developing a sense of belonging, a sense that you and others are in this life together. Strength resides in the bonds you make in each relationship, each group and each embrace. God knows that, and he encourages you not only to find your strength in him but also to share life experiences with those who are there for you when you cannot easily face things on your own.

As Christi Mary Warner put it, “A true friend is one who knows all about you and likes you anyway.” That kind of acceptance yields strength for all you do. Be sure to keep your heart open to friends who embrace you as you are and help you tap into the strength within you. The blessings to you will be immediate.

Dear Father, thank you for the gift of friends who connect me to you and strengthen my life in every way.

Karen Moore