NIV 365

Be Faithful to Sow (Matthew 13:3–9)

The parable of the sowing of the seed helps us understand the process of putting our faith into action through evangelism. We are like the sower—sowing the valuable seed wherever we go. Though we are faithful to the task, not everyone will immediately listen. Some might not respond to our words; others might have cultural prejudices against Christianity; others might be too busy to fully pay attention to our words.

But for those people in whom the seed bears fruit, the joy of a new life in Christ is great—the seed we sow in them can produce crops far greater than we could ever imagine. And though it would be nice to be able to control which seed takes root and which does not, that is not our job. Our role is to offer the seed; God will handle the rest (see Mark 4:26–29).

Taken from NIV Essentials of the Christian Faith

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