Small but Powerful Faith

Bible Gateway

Matthew 17:14–21

Today’s passage does not define faith exhaustively; thus, it must be read in concert with other passages like 1 John 5:14, which emphasizes the importance of God’s will when we pray. As Dr. John MacArthur writes: “True faith, by Christ’s definition, always involves surrender to the will of God” (The MacArthur Bible Commentary, p. 1,156). Faith believes that God can move mountains, but it also knows to anticipate only those things He has promised.

For further study:

Exodus 14

The Bible in a year:

Psalms 28–30

For the weekend:

Psalms 31–35

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8 thoughts on “Small but Powerful Faith

    1. Faith is a gift and can ask for more but, if you read the Bible your faith increases at least that is what happened to me. A good teacher that you trust helps as well because when you read the Bible it shows his knowledge, Still, read by yourself mostly. I always advise to check out DR Chuck Missler who died a few weeks ago. He always tells you to check the Bible when he teaches.Start with 24 his first study. He adds science and history as well as other interesting things he studied for 50 years. He was filled by the Spirit Of God. I respect your views and find them uplifting and hope you respect mine as well my friend.


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