Did you know God made us to be more like him than anything else in all creation? The Bible says we were made in his image. We are the only part of God’s glorious creation with this special description. This means you were made and are being made into God’s image. You are a diamond, a rose and a jewel; purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ. The New Testament describes a progressive work of God to shape us into his image. As we fellowship with God, read his Word, obey his commands, and seek to understand and reflect his character, something wonderful begins to emerge. God comes out of us. We say things God would say. We do things God would do. We forgive, we share, and we love. It is as if God is scrubbing the smudge off an old coin. In time, an image begins to appear. God’s goal is simply this: to rub away anything that is not of God so that the inborn image of God can be seen in us. We are image-bearers of God, and we can celebrate that promise.

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