NIV 360 Devotion

OFFERINGS OF JOY (Numbers 29:1–6)

The Old Testament sacrificial system was complex and costly. God provided instructions that required hundreds and hundreds of bulls, rams, lambs and goats to be killed every year (not to mention the use of massive amounts of grain, oil and wine). The altar of the tabernacle became messy and bloody—much like the hearts of God’s people. But these instructions concerning worship were given to a people who were already in relationship with God—they are his people and he is their God. These sacrifices were never meant to be a means whereby people, by their own merit, could procure a relationship with God. They were meant to be offerings of joy, acts of worship, an outpouring of praise to the God who had already redeemed them. This is true for all of God’s people throughout redemptive history. Sacrifices, whether of time, money, obedience or praise, are not meant to make one right before God. Only Jesus can do that. His death redeemed a people, called them to himself and made them right with God. The response to that grace is seen in the sacrifices of praise offered by the people of God.

Jesus, thank you for your ultimate sacrifice. Please help me to daily respond with a sacrifice of praise. Amen.

Taken from NIV The Jesus Bible

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