August 5
“What, Me Worry?”
“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” (Mat_6:27)
Jesus shows in the simplest of terms the total waste of time and energy that occurs when we worry.
First He shows that worry is irreverent – for it fails to acknowledge God’s love for us and His faithfulness to His Word. When we worry, we dismiss God from the equation of our circumstances and elevate other things which have no power whatsoever to make any difference at all.
This brings us to the second thing Jesus shows us. Worry is irrelevant. It does not change a single thing, and it does not help us in any way.
And then Jesus shows us that worry is irresponsible. It consumes our energy, distracts our focus, marginalizes God, and accelerates our fears and frustrations. Talk about squandering one’s wealth!
When we follow His words we find a peace that prevails in the face of the storm that assails.
The birds of the air and the lilies of the field illustrate the freedom from anxiety that is ours in Christ.
Nothing good ever comes from an anxious mind or a hurried spirit. When we let fear, anxiety and worry crowd our thoughts, we diminish our capacity for recognizing and responding to the work that God is doing in us, to us, for us, and through us during trying times.
This one fact is uncontested – we always find our greatest treasures in life somewhere in the depths of our greatest trials. Diamonds, they say, are made as the direct result of the most intense of all pressures.
Rather than fret and flit about with a scrambled soul during times of personal challenge and difficulty, may we each find that place of unshakable confidence in the Lord. That place where we may rest secure and immovable, knowing that He is totally in charge – and is always thinking about us, and watching everything that concerns us!

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