God Sweeps Your Sin Away
Meteorologists are the professional fortune-tellers of our time. Even with Doppler radar, most of a weathercaster’s job involves him or her being wrong more often than right. Large storms can often be predetermined, but small things, like rain or clouds, can’t be accurately predicted.

Fortunately, God is much more reliable than the weather report. It’s never guess-and-check with God. He knows what is in store for all of us. He’s told us that there will be hard times and cloudy days, but he has also promised that just as the sun is somewhere behind those clouds, he too will always be there for us.

Sin can overshadow our lives and demoralize us if we let it. Trusting in God to forgive us and lead us when we repent is our only assurance of eternal happiness. He is always ready to sweep our sins away. God’s forecast? Partly cloudy with a 100 percent chance of redemption.

God’s Promise to Me
*If you repent, I will forgive.

*I know the plans I have for you.

*I will always be with you.

My Prayer to God
Father, I am gratefully astonished by your willingness to forgive. Thank you for your faithful presence in all I do, and help me to seek out the sun when there are cloudy days in my life.

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