God Cares When You Feel Worthless
How precious children are to us. Modern technology allows us to see those little feet and tiny hands and beating heart while the baby is still in the womb. But we also see with our mind’s eye as we dream about what God has in store for these little people. We don’t know the future, but what a precious promise it is to know that God does. As we walk day by day with them, guiding them, protecting them and watching with wonder as they grow, we entrust them to God who knows every moment. We don’t know where our children will go in life, but he does. We don’t know how God will use them, but he does. We don’t know what they will accomplish for God’s kingdom, but he does.

We can also understand how precious we are to God. What value he places on each of us. God knew us before we were born. He knew every day of our lives before our lives even began. May we understand the promise of God’s knowledge of the future and take comfort in it.

God’s Promise to Me
*I knew you before you were born. Every day of your life is known to me.

I think about you more than you know. Don’t worry; you are safe in my hands.

My Prayer to God
Lord, you created me for a purpose. Every day of my life was recorded in your book and laid out before my life even began. I choose to take comfort in this knowledge. May I understand the depth of your love for me all the days of my life.

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