Troubles Come, But So Does God: God’s Promise Through Noah

While the creation began with perfection, the world had become far less than perfect by the time of Noah. People had turned to evil. Rebellion against God was rampant. Judgment was near. In the midst of this chaos, God chose Noah for a monumental task. Build an ark. Gather the animals. Prepare for a flood. So Noah did all that the Lord commanded him. And then it happened. God had told Noah to expect forty days and forty nights of rain. What began as a pitter-patter resulted in a flood that swallowed all the high mountains, the living creatures and most significantly, the sinful people. They had flooded the earth with rebellion. God would flood the earth with water. But in the midst of the chaos, there was still a promise of unshakable hope. Noah found grace because God found Noah. God promised Noah a safe place and certain deliverance. In this story of monumental craft, task, and flood, there is an even more monumental promise. God takes care of his people.

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