God Will Honor Your Integrity
Maybe last month it was a relational disaster. This week it might be trouble at work. Next week could bring a health crisis. After awhile the unrelenting stream of tough times takes its toll.

“What’s the use?” we cry. “I try to do right, and for what? Life keeps beating me up. I can’t get ahead. I’m not sure it pays to try to live a godly life. I struggle as much or more than my neighbors who could care less about God!”

Troubles certainly have a way of wearing us down. And, if we’re not careful, they can erode even our bedrock convictions. The promise above is a good reminder of why we must be vigilant not to take ethical shortcuts.

Those who maintain their integrity, those who continue doing right — even when everything and everyone else is wrong — will one day receive the ultimate reward.

God’s Promise to Me
*I will take care of my innocent children.

*You will receive an eternal reward.

My Prayer to God
Life doesn’t seem fair at times, Lord. And integrity often seems like it doesn’t matter. But it does matter, God. You see everything. Nothing escapes your gaze. You promise to care for the pure and reward the faithful. Give me the spiritual tenacity to hang in there until the day when you exalt those who steadfastly trust in you.

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