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God’s Heart for Pro-life Action
An Intercessors for America Daily Devotional:
God’s Heart for Pro-life Action

If we [freely] admit that we have sinned and confess our sins, He is faithful and just [true to His own nature and promises], and will forgive our sins and cleanse us continually from all unrighteousness [our wrongdoing, everything not in conformity with His will and purpose]. (1 John 1:9 AMP)

Therefore if anyone is in Christ [that is, grafted in, joined to Him by faith in Him as Savior], he is a new creature [reborn and renewed by the Holy Spirit]; the old things [the previous moral and spiritual condition] have passed away. Behold, new things have come [because spiritual awakening brings a new life]. (2 Corinthians 5:17 AMP)

The wound of abortion is deep within the heart our nation.

This deep wound results from the sin of abortion. Since 1973, over 60 million babies have been aborted. One in five women have had an abortion by age 45. Over 65% of women feel they were forced or coerced into their “choice.” A recent survey also revealed that close to 55% of survivors of sex trafficking were forced to have one or more abortions.

The wound of abortion is deep within the heart our nation. Only Jesus can heal and restore us.

Sometimes, in healing a wound, looking deeper helps us to see the root of the wound, to understand, to heal, and turn the ashes of the past to a place of Jesus’ Redemptive Beauty.

What if we could live in a place where the ashes of our life are truly washed away? A place where we feel peace and not torment from the past, or present. No longer swayed with a chameleon-type personality of learning how to adapt to the people and places around us in order to be accepted. No longer wearing two faces, or two identities, of outward happiness and inward sorrow.

What if we can choose to be washed in a river of life that cleanses our past, heals every wound, and provides living water to drink deeply, transforming our minds, bodies, and souls? What if the aroma of shame, regret, deep trauma, sadness, guilt, anger, the smell of reminders of the past, are diffused with the sweet aroma of a fragrant oil that is personally created to heal, comfort, counsel, calm, bring clarity, create, and produce new life within?

This is Redemptive Beauty–a place where the wounds of the past are used to produce a life beyond healing, transformed by our Creator for His original purposes (2 Corinthians 5:17).

We choose to walk forward in healing. We bring hope and new life in Jesus Christ, understanding our identity, worth, value, purpose, and fulfilling destiny in Him.

Layers upon layers of “old emotional skin” are lifted, peeled, and washed away and the Redemptive Beauty that has been hidden begins to rise to the surface. The crutches, addictions, behaviors, and relationships used to adapt are no longer needed. We become whole and understand we are loved beyond measure. Our minds are healed, our words give life, and hope arises in our hearts. In many, our countenances change. There is a radiance where once there was darkness.

I prayed to the Lord, and He answered me. He freed me from all my fears. Those who look to Him for help will be radiant with joy; no shadow of shame will darken their faces. (Psalms 34:4-5 NLT)

If we do not heal a wounded or broken part of our physical body, we limp around and are susceptible to our hidden pain being triggered when touched. The same thing happens when we do not heal a wounded emotional or spiritual part of ourselves. We are held in a place of trauma unknowingly, having learned how to adapt, live, and function in the pain. A generation has been raised in the post-abortion, unhealed pain of mothers and fathers.

The wound of abortion is deep in the heart of our nation. It is time to heal.

In the healing, we will have a continual opportunity, a choice, to say, “Yes, Lord. Take me to the place of healing. Please heal our nation, heal us, and heal me. Uncover every wound, lie, wrong belief. Lift the shame. Remove and heal every relationship and emotion that holds me captive. Heal me. Heal us, Lord Jesus. Please heal with your forgiving, Redemptive Beauty and love.”

As we pray for our nation and those held in the aftermath of abortion, the Lord will unlock the pain of the past to bring healing and set captives free. He will also raise up people and places of His healing, within the Body of Christ, where the broken will experience Jesus’ forgiveness, love, and new life.

Prayer Points:

· Pray for those affected by abortion trauma, especially those directly involved: women, men, mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, relatives, others, as the Holy Spirit directs.

· Pray for the healing of siblings whose parents have aborted brothers and sisters. Often the children sense a loss and are raised in the woundedness of their parents.

· Pray for Jesus’ healing and Redemptive Beauty to arise from the ashes of abortion. Pray for people and places of hope, for Jesus’ transforming love, and for new life to arise.

By Cindy Collins. Cindy is the founder of, SpeakHope radio, Louisiana Abortion Recovery, and a Pregnancy Help Center. She is an international speaker and serves as Global Advisor for Operation Outcry, a ministry of the Justice Foundation. She also provides outreach to young adults at risk for predatory relationships, sexual exploitation, trafficking, abortion, and abuse–providing help, hope, healing, and Jesus’ transforming love.
Intercessors for America

Intercessors for America

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