Celebrate your victories.

Juli Ocean

adi-goldstein-717512-unsplashReaching a simple goal, a major milestone or accomplishing any pursuit should give you a moment to pause and rejoice. After all, not everyone can do what you can do. And even if they can, how many people will? Even if they do, how many will take a moment to enjoy completing an undertaking?

It’s all too common for us to set a goal and reach it and buckle down for the next thing on the list, whether it’s writing a book, landing a sale or a new client.

As the leader of a writer’s group, my job was to encourage writers to an agreed upon singular focus: getting published. I learned many valuable lessons while leading that devoted group, lessons about the rewards of perseverance, and the complete and total joy of holding your very own book in your hand with your name on it. Amazingly, I was just…

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