What Difference Does a Bible Font Actually Make?

1.1 Million. That’s how many words of ancillary content were in the NIV Zondervan Study Bible when it launched in 2015. This Bible, with general editor D. A. Carson, featured the most comprehensive set of notes available in a study Bible. The notes were profound. The articles were deep. The charts were…chart-y. And the Bible was weighty—in every sense of the word. Weighing in at over 5 lbs this juggernaut of biblical insight boasted 2,912 pages of the very best scholarship $49.99 could buy. Unfortunately, bulk did not lead to readability. As one online reviewer put it, channeling his inner Genie of the Lamp, “Phenomenal Bible Study Power…Itty Bitty Print.”

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Buy your copy of the NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible in the Bible Gateway Store where you'll enjoy low prices every dayIn 2016, Zondervan Bibles teamed up with 2K Denmark, the world’s foremost typeface foundry, to create an exclusive Comfort Print® font for the NIV. These Comfort Print editions promise Bibles that are easy to read at any size. So, what better product on which to test the muscle of Comfort Print than the Mjolnir of study Bibles?

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After an extreme weight loss of half-a-pound, half-an-inch of girth, and 312 pages—without taking out a single one of the 1.1 million words of content—Zondervan is re-launching this Bible as the NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible (Zondervan, 2018) (website). The name change reflects what this Bible does best—tracing God’s redemptive plan as it unfolds throughout Scripture. According to the publisher, as the very first study Bible in NIV Comfort Print, this will set a new standard for readability for study Bibles.

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NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible Sampler by Bible Gateway on Scribd

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