Spiritual Formation at Home (Part 4 of 4)

Spiritual Formation at Home (Part 4 of 4)

Some spiritual formation at home strategies are more difficult to implement than others. Intergenerational services, for example, often involve logistical challenges and can face resistance from age-segmented ministries that have an existing game plan.

It is often best to start with low-lying fruit – strategies that will reach the greatest number of people with the fewest leadership headaches. At Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, Texas, for example, the leadership designed a strategy that accomplished all ten best-practice objectives with three simple strategic goals.

1. MAKE IT EASY: Make it easy for families to do the right thing with “bite-sized” ideas for marriage and family intentionality. These inexpensive tools are available on a campus and online center.

2. MAKE IT MORE LIKELY: To make it more likely that families will do the right thing integrated campaigns are run two or three times per year. Each is designed to inspire and equip couples and families to become more intentional during the next 120 days.

3. GIVE A CLEAR PATH: To help leverage milestones and encourage spiritual disciplines in a child’s life parents are given free coaching kits on key birthdays as a gift from the church. Each features a short DVD with inspiration and training and several simple starter ideas.

GOING FURTHER: Free training modules are available online to help your team learn from successful models for creating a culture of intentional families. You can access these links here at Ministry Advantage.

This week’s article is submitted by Russ Olmon, President of Ministry Advantage, and Kurt Bruner, President of Drive Faith Home. For more on this and other helpful subjects, go to www.ministryadvantage.org.

For over ten years Ministry Advantage has been one of the premier church resources that provides coaching and training for pastors and church leaders helping them turn their vision into reality.

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