Pursuing Authentic Christian Leadership, Day 10

Today’s reading draws from Matthew 13:52.

A Quest to Learn

The New Testament word translated as “disciple” comes from a root that means “learner.” By definition, a disciple is someone who never stops learning.


A true disciple makes the most of the hundred billion brain cells God has put on loan to him…A true disciple is consumed with holy curiosity…The disciple keeps asking and seeking and knocking. And the quest is never over because the questions never end.

[Leonardo da Vinci] was determined to keep learning until the day he died. I want to learn something new the day I die. Why? Because I can. And because I believe that learning glorifies God when it’s done for the right reasons. And that reason is to know him more so that you can love him more.

So go ahead and live as if you’ll die tomorrow. But keep learning as if you’ll live forever. After all, you will. – Mark Batterson

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