Leadership Insight from the Maxwell Bible, Day 11

Today’s reading is drawn from Isaiah 40.

The Model for Leadership

We must never forget that the greatest model for leadership always comes from the life of God Himself. Isaiah 40 makes it clear that God, as the Ultimate Leader, models:

  1. Comfort and Security – God supplies comfort and cleansing to His people (vv. 1, 2).
  2. Empowerment and Delegation – God makes the path straight for others, then has them speak His words (vv. 3–8).
  3. Shepherding and Direction – God proclaims good news and guides His people like a Shepherd (vv. 9–11).
  4. Power and Authority – No one can challenge God’s strength. He is a Leader with unequaled power (vv. 12–17).
  5. Creator and Developer – God is the transcendent Leader who builds and develops others (vv. 21–26).
  6. Wise Counselor and Provider – God is the source for every need we may have (vv. 27–31).

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